The boat Sundhani ST3 is used for regular guided trips to Grímsey, wildlife cruises and sea-angling. On board are good facilities that make the cruise an unforgettable experience.

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Wildlife cruises on Steingrímsfjord to view the ocean wildlife (birds, seals, whales and puffins) can be booked as well as scheduled guided trips to Grímsey-island. These trips begin on the 15th of June and commence until the middle of August if the weather stays fine.

Boat Tours to Grímsey island

Malarhorn offers boat tours twice a day from June 15th – August 15th to Grímsey island in Steingrímsfjörður to view the ocean wildlife (birds, seals, whales and puffins). Grímsey has the largest island nesting site for Puffin, estimated quantity is 300.000 birds and there of about 80.000 nesting couples. The tour takes approximately 3 hours where we sail around Grímsey island. One stop is made to go on the island, for those who want to, with an English speaking, native guide.

The boat tours are weather depended.

Boat tours from 15. June – 15. August.

Morning departure is at 9:00am 

Afternoon departure is at 1:30pm 

The boat tour takes approximentaly 3 hours.
We sail around Grimsey island and stop at the island for about 1-2 hours with a local guide. Sea angling is offered as well if we have time.


Adults: 10.000 ISK
7-12 years old: 5.000 ISK
6 years and younger are free of charge.