Malarhorn Accommodation


Malarhorn guest house offers 10 double rooms with private facilities and self-catering accommodation in a four bedroom cottage with a kitchen and in double rooms with a bathroom and a shower. We welcome you.

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Restaurant Malarkaffi


Malarkaffi is a licensed restaurant right beside the guest house. We offer a breakfast buffet and a menu with local fare. We welcome you.

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Boat trips


The boat Sundhani ST3 is used for regular guided trips to Grímsey, wildlife cruises and sea-angling. On board are good facilities that make the cruise an unforgettable experience.

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VISIT Malarhorn Welcome to Strandir


It is not a bad idea to experience Icelandic winter at Strandir. The roads between Drangsnes and Reykjavík remain passable for all vehicles over the winter months. There are few places where the Northern Lights are as lurid, the heavens as bright, the nights as dark and the tranquility as great as at Strandir. The region possesses many nice areas for cross-country skiing or short hikes. The beach is enticing although winter reigns, and you can also see remarkable bird life and seals. As mentioned previously, there are excellent conditions for seeing the Northern Lights in all their power while also enjoying peace and quiet.
Winter hunting of the Arctic fox
Malarhorn tourist service can now offer hunters a unique experience, hunting the Arctic fox, as there are a considerable number of foxes in Strandir. Hunting is done at night at bait that was put out several weeks beforehand. Hunting at bait is demanding, as the hunter must be patient and focused. The hunts are enjoyable and a great experience: the hunter can enjoy the lurid Northern Lights, a starry sky, the deepest blackness and winter in northern climes. Hunting is also carried out during daylight if snow has just fallen. The tracks of the fox can then be traced and it is tracked until it is seen. Experienced fox hunters guide the hunters during the hunt and ensure total safety. Malahorn tourist services can organise the hunting trips according to the needs of the hunters, though the best hunting periods are in January, February, March and April. Prospective hunters, please contact us and we will send you further information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank">